Some of us have been planning a summer getaway trip all year long, and still more of us haven’t made any plans at all. If you haven’t planned a trip and really wish you had, don’t worry! Here are some tips for planning a last-minute trip.


Plan Mid-Week Travel

Whether you’re taking a road trip or taking a plane, try to avoid weekends if at all possible. Driving during the week helps you avoid traffic during the day and booking a trip Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday helps save you a ton of money.


Focus on Accommodations

Last-minute travel usually includes trips planned within a 14-day time period. Remember that any airfare during this time will be pretty pricey, but you can save money with vacation packages and accommodations, which are generally highly discounted.


Be Flexible

There are plenty of sites that are perfect for helping you plan those last-minute trips, but you have to be flexible. lets you choose a destination and gives you the dates when flying is cheapest. lets you compare travel prices. If you’re a frequent flyer, lets you compare how your points translate across airlines.