new years eve party games

If you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve in your apartment, then it’s time to start planning fun activities for your guests! Whether you’re looking for icebreakers or more competitive adult games, we have some ideas that are sure to make your New Year’s Eve party a success! Don’t forget prizes for the winners!

  • Lip-Sync Battle
    Using some of the most popular songs from 2015, you and your guests can have an epic lip-sync battle to ring in the New Year. Spotify and Pandora both have “The Best of 2015” playlists to get you started. 
  • Trivia
    Make a list of some of the most major events in 2015 and have your guests try to put them into the order they occurred. You can even consider putting guests into groups of two.
  •  Guess the Resolution
    Have everyone write down their New Year’s Resolution on a card, then have one person shuffle them. With one person announcing each card, have everyone guess write down which resolution belongs to whom. Whoever gets the most right, wins!
  • Bingo
    You can never go wrong with Bingo. The options are endless for what kind of Bingo game you want to play. You can create cards with the top celebrity scandals of 2015 or important milestones for you and your family. Be creative!