Retreat at Quail North Apartments in Oklahoma City OKAlthough you may have enjoyed getting that extra hour of sleep this past Sunday morning, rolling the clocks back can majorly affect the rest of your week. Help your body clock adjust in your apartments in Oklahoma City, OK by trying a few helpful tips. Here are three ideas to get your sleep cycle back on schedule, especially if you are still struggling with the recent time change.

Eating Habits: If you are tempted to skip on breakfast, remember that a healthy and protein-filled morning meal can have a big impact on your energy levels throughout the rest of the day. Be sure to enjoy a healthy breakfast to get you energized in the morning, and eat healthy throughout the day.

Exercise Habits: Even if you feel more tired than usual these past few days, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your Oklahoma City apartments. Take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight in the morning and take a walk or a run to help boost your morning. Exercise also plays a major role on helping you enjoy better sleep.

Sleeping Habits: Get better sleep at night by turning out the lights in your apartments in Oklahoma City, OK. Unplug electronic devices to avoid distractions from your sleep as well as help conserve energy in your apartment home.